Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Collaborative Elnett Hairspray With How Olivia Does It

Hey! Today I'm going to review L'oreal's Elnett hairspray. But, this time it won't just be my opinion. We have Olivia from ollynash.blogspot.com reviewing this product as well! Here's Olivia with her review.
Now personally Iove this hairspray, by a long mile it's my go to hair product. OH MY GOODNESS. This smells like the early 1980s. I love it. I love the smell. I shake the can, spray it in my hair, and smell like the early 1980s all day. I also like the design of the can. It's classic. The mini version is great for tossin in my bag if I need to travel. A for the ability of this product to hold my hair style in place... welI bought the "average" hold versino because I don't actually need much in the way of hold. I use the hairspray to keep my fly-aways in check and to shape my hair slightly. This product does everything I need it to do and it smells nice (to me) if I haven't already said. Now L'oreal are very clever to use Cheryl Cole as the face of L'oreal as to me Cheryl Cole has the most amazing locks on the block don't you think? To me I feel jealous that I buy it in hope my hair will one day look like Cheryl's! A girl can dream right? 

Sounds like she really likes it! And wouldn't you say that was quite a great review on her part? Well, I actually have a bit of a different opinion on this product. Here's my review.

I personally wouldn't recommend this. I bought this a few months ago with pretty high expectations, especially with the higher price tag and raving reviews. Sadly, I was disappointed. The description said that it made your hair super soft and you couldn't even feel it. That was a huge letdown. It gave my hair a stringy texture and it also felt sort of sticky. But they were right about one thing. This stuff really does come out at the stroke of a brush, I gotta give them credit for that. But one of my least favorite things about it was the smell. It was awful! My family and friends complained every time I used it because of the strong smell! I heard that L'oreal actually came out with a non-scented one, but I've yet to see it in stores. I definitely won't be buying this again.

Hopefully seeing the differing opinions helped you make a decision on if this hairspray is for you! Since this was my first time making a collaboration post, comment and let me know if you liked it and want another! 

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