Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Favorites Part 2!

Today was my grandmothers birthday! We had a little party where the family got together for pizza and Gigi's cupcakes, which also happen to be second on my July favorites list! I adore Gigi's mini cupcakes. You can order a custom box with whatever flavors you want, and what's great is that they're so small so you can try lots of different flavors instead of sticking to one like you would with a regular size cupcake. And they are just so adorable! My favorite is either red velvet or wedding cake, it's so hard to choose because they are all so amazing! Today we got two dozen minis, and the flavors were wedding cake, midnight magic, white midnight magic, and birthday surprise. I got one wedding cake and one birthday surprise and took one white midnight magic home (I'm so sneaky!).

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