Monday, July 29, 2013

July Favorites Part 3!

Today I went to Desoto Caverns Park in Childersburg, Alabama with one of my friends and had a blast! It's so old-timey there and so much fun stuff to do! For today, my super natural makeup routine consisted only of my Neutrogena Skin Clearing blemish Concealer, Skin Clearing Mineral Powder, and Natural Radiance Bronzer. These products are the reason Neutrogena is my favorite brand for July! I love this brand so much, especially for face products. All of their products are amazing for acne-prone faces, mainly because their Skin Clearing series is made not only to hide acne, but also to prevent it! 

In the morning the first thing I do to my skin is apply moisturizer. Then I use my Neutrogena blemish concealer to cover my little problem areas. Before using this I had tried so many different blemish concealers and this one was by far the best. Second I apply the natural mineral powder to my entire face to even my skin tone a bit and prevent shine. I have more oily skin so this really helps prevent it from having that awful shine. Lastly I put on my bronzer which I love! It blends so well with my skin tone and it doesn't take hardly any to give you that healthy, natural tan glow.

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