Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Favorites Part 5!

Well, as of a couple days ago I had my bathroom redone (it's so cute!). But that made me think, what better time to share with you guys my favorite shampoo and conditioner for this month? This actually isn't a very well-known fact, but it's actually better for your hair if you change up your shampoo and conditioner sometimes because as your hair gets used to the product, it becomes more resistant of it's benefits. So, I generally never buy the same shampoo and conditioner twice. This month my favorite shampoo and conditioner are the ones from the L'oreal Advanced Haircare series. I've been using the Power Moisture ones and they have worked great in my hair. It really controls frizz and softens your hair a lot. It even smells really good! I really love these products and they're definitely worth a shot for anyone with dry, frizzy hair.

I guess this concludes the July Favorites series! I hope you guys had an amazing month and loved these posts as much as I did. If you try or have already tried any of the products in these posts, let me know in the comments what you thought about them!

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