Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back To School!

Tomorrow will be my first day of school! So yesterday I went out and got all of my essential supplies. I got all my stuff from Walmart, Target, and Office Max. Yep, I went around town looking for school supplies.

My favorite thing I got was this awesome pencil pouch by Zipit. When I got it I sent pictures of it unzipped to all of my friends, telling them it was my pencil pouch and their reactions were so funny! The only problem with this is that my friends will be unzipping it every time I turn around!
Here comes the most boring of the supplies: the pencils. I mean "Duh you got pencils move on!" My favorite pencils are the Ticonderoga ones because they never break and the eraser actually works. Don't you hate it when you get one of those erasers that smear the lead EVERYWHERE when you try to erase it!? That's why I use pens instead of pencils most of the time, but some teachers hate on pens for some reason!
This next thing is very important, because it's Post-It notes! These are so essential so my friends can write me notes and stick them to my locker door!
Next up is binders! These little things are the reason I had to go all over town for school supplies! I mean why can't Walmart or Office Max have good binders?! Count on Target to save the day!
I always need folders for my binders. I actually hardly ever use dividers, I just use my folders to separate things. These are all by Mead and three of them are the Five Star ones which are my favorites. I love the two rainbow ones because they're really colorful. I thought the sparkly purple one was cute too, but honestly can you go wrong with sparkles? Lastly is the little mountains one which I loved because I love going to the mountains.
And what do I put in these folders and binders? Paper! lots and lots and LOTS of paper. I know I said I don't usually use dividers, but they can be useful so I picked up a couple packs of them.
This is a little locker decoration that I liked, it's a magnetic weekly planner to go on the door. Just another thing for my friends to write on. :)
I love highlighters because they're a fun way way to decorate a page in bright accents. The colored pencils are great for everything from coloring to sketching in cool colors! Lastly are the dry erase markers which are fun to use with the weekly planner.
Now I totally loved this composition notebook. It is so cute! Office Max totally redeemed itself on this one!
This calculator is so cool! It's FLEXIBLE! I won't get any math done with this calculator, I'll be too busy playing with it!
Last but not least is my backpack and locker shelf! I like this backpack by Nike because of the bright color and portability. I can easily get everything in it but it's slim design makes it easy to carry around. My favorite locker accessory is my blue locker shelf. They're so useful for organizing my stuff.
I hope you enjoyed this and if any of you have posted your school supplies I'd love to see, so post a link to it below in the comments and I will be sure to check it out!

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  1. Very useful post! Reminded me what I have to buy for the uni :)
    And the colour of the backpack is awesome!