Thursday, August 22, 2013

Belt Bracelet DIY

Yesterday I had one of my favorite belts and was about to put it on. I'd used this belt for a while because it just matched everything! So yesterday when I was putting it on it broke! I really liked this belt and didn't wanna see it go to waste, so I decided to try and make a bracelet out of it. 
First I fastened the belt around my wrist to get my measurements. While it was on my wrist I took some scissors and cut it a little over where it came out of the loop. 
Next I took out my glue. I used fabric glue since I had some on hand, but any other kind would probably work. Put the glue all over the ends poking out so they won't unravel. 
After you apply the glue allow a lot of time for it to dry, you really don't want this coming apart. I did this right before bed so I let it dry overnight. 
And here's the finished product! I think it worked really well, and it only took a few minutes to make! Plus it's a really great way to reuse an old belt. Hope you liked it!

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