Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Bow Back Tops With Kim!

Hey guys! Today I want to show you some of my favorite DIYs. These bow tops are so cute and easy to make! This first top is by Kim, and you can view how to make it over at!
Here's the one I made. To start out, get just a plainT-shirt. I got this one for like three dollars at Wet Seal. Cut about one inch off of the bottom (Save this, you'll need it!)
Next flip the top over where the front is on the ground. Now slip something hard inside the shirt so you won't be cutting through both sides (That'd look kinda weird, don't you think?). I used a binder, but you can use wood or cardboard or anything else. 
Now take our your scissors or fabric cutter and cut slits in the back of the shirt. I kept mine three inches apart so I would still have pretty big bows. Make sure you have an even number of strips!
I cut off the seam around the neck too so I could make that one of my bows. Now take two of your strips and pinch them together. Get your strip from the bottom that you cut off earlier and cut off about an inch of it. Wrap that around the pinched area to make your bow. Some people would want to sew it together, which it totally fine but I don't really sew so I just used fabric glue. 
And that's it! Make sure your shirt is completely dry besides you wear it, you don't want the bows coming undone! Be sure to check out the other tutorial over at!

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