Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fallen Vixen Perfume

As the Summer is turning to Fall, the leaves aren't the only things changing. Fashion alters so much in the transition from Summer to Fall. Summer is all about clothing in bright colors like neon pink or blue. In the Fall those pinks turn more to plums and that blue to navy. But clothes aren't the only thing that change. Perfume does too. You don't see as much of the bold, loud smells that are so potent in the summer. Instead perfume is more subtle, and less noticeable. Rue 21's newest perfume is perfect to begin the new season. It has a sophisticated smell, but it's also really girly. It's not too strong either, but it just smells amazing. Even the packaging suggests the change. It's such a creative design, I never would've put perfume in the pages of a book! It's not that packaging you just throw away after you get the perfume out. I keep it in the book and put it on display and wow my friends when I pull out perfume! Love this stuff for the new season!

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