Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hair Routine

Today I decided to tell you guys about my hair routine. It has taken me forever to perfect this routine, but I think I've done a pretty good job with it. But knowing me, it'll continue to alter for pretty much forever.

First up, I use aloe vera juice. Aloe vera promotes growth, softens, and stops frizz. I take a handful of this and massage it into my scalp. You can buy it at Bulk Apothecary. For the rest of my hair I use coconut oil. This stuff is amazing. It also softens, promotes growth, and reduces frizz, but it's also great for damaged hair and split ends. I work this through my hair, starting at my scalp and working it through to the ends of my hair. Be really generous with this stuff, coating all of your hair. I also did a review on coconut oil here.You can buy it also at Bulk Apothecary.
Wait 15-30 minutes for your hair to absorb the aloe vera and coconut oil and shampoo it out. I use L'oreal's Power Moisture shampoo and conditioner from their advanced haircare series. I did a post on these not too long ago here. they're really great products. I recommend shampooing your hair twice to get all of the oils out, or at least shampooing really really well one time. That's what I usually do and it works fine for me, but it all depends on your hair type.
After I shower, I wring the water out of my hair as much as I can with a towel. Then I comb and brush it until it's completely tangle-free. then I grab my fantastic leave-in conditioner by Garnier Fructis. I use their Sleek and Shine Intensely Smooth leave-in conditioner. It is so amazing, I use it all the time. It makes your hair really soft and frizz-free. Plus, the smell is heavenly! Take a dollop of this and work it into your hair like you did the coconut oil, starting at the roots, and working it to the ends.

The final step is taking my Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (which I did a review on here) and spraying it evenly all over my hair. This is another product where you should use a lot of, since you want to spray all of your hair. After you've coated your hair begin to scrunch it. Scrunch different sized pieced and try twisting some sections to get more of a messy, beachy look. If you have time, let that air-dry, but I know that most of you don't have that kind of time so a blow dryer will work fine.
And that's it for my hair routine! I hope you liked it and if you've tried or would like to try any of these products leave a comment below!


  1. Going to try it, I will buy the products at the store. Will write back and let you know how it works for my hair. Thank you for the hair tips...

    1. Great! I cant wait to hear how it turns out with you.