Friday, August 16, 2013

Two Months and Sugar Scrubs!

As of today, ChromoBeauty has been active for two months! My blog has progressed incredibly over the past two months and I owe it all to you guys. I just wanted to say thank you to all my viewers who care so much about my blog.

Today's post is going to be on DIY scrubs. I'm really excited about this post because I love scrubs and these are both fantastic. They also both have peppermint oil! Peppermint oil is soothing to the skin and can help rejuvenate dull skin and even clear acne, which makes it a perfect ingredient for our scrub.

For the first scrub you will need:
1 cup white granulated sugar
3 tbsp coconut oil
Peppermint essential oil
Red food coloring (optional)
I get all of my oils from Bulk Apothecary. They're always 100% natural and work great at a good price.

To make your scrub, first put your coconut oil and sugar in a bowl. Stir until the mixture looks like the second picture. If it looks too oily, add more sugar. It it's too dry, it's the other way around. Just make sure it's not too oily.
Once you have that done, all that's left to do is add the essential oil and food coloring. Add just a few drops of peppermint oil to the mix and then add the food coloring. With both of these, a little goes a long way so no more that three drops of each. Once that's mixed well, it should look like this. Put it in a container, and you're finished! It was that easy. It doesn't take more that 10 minutes to complete and it is a fabulous moisturizer. It always leaves my skin feeling silky and it smells like peppermint! This can be used as a gift or just a little treat for yourself every once in a while.
The second scrub is a peppermint lip scrub. This is a really simple recipe and it takes about five minutes to prepare and use it. It makes enough for about 2-3 uses and it's one of the best things I've ever used on my lips.

For this scrub you will need:
1/4 tbsp jojoba oil
1/2 tbsp granulated sugar
Peppermint Essential Oil

I also get my jojoba oil from Bulk Apothecary. In this recipe I used their golden jojoba oil but any kind will work.

This scrub is so simple it's insane. All you need to do is combine your jojoba oil and sugar and add a few drops of peppermint oil and mix it together. That's it! Take a tiny bit of the scrub and massage it onto your lips with your hands, then rub your lips together. Rinse or lick it off, but if you rinse, try not to wipe your lips a lot, just the area around them. This recipe made enough for me and my mom to each use, and there was still some left over for one more use. The picture shows how much the recipe made and you can see it's hardly any, but you don't need a lot of this stuff for it to make a big difference. It works so well and I'm licking my lips constantly after a wash it off. Love it!


  1. I learned about it a few weeks ago. I heard it works.
    I am now following you. Nice tips.

  2. I really like your quick and easy recipes. Scrubs are awesome!!
    Thanks for sharing