Sunday, September 8, 2013

NYX Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys! The other day I was at Ulta just browsing in the NYX section... So naturally I had to pick up a few things. This is a gorgeous look that can be work anywhere, and adjusted to fit any outfit.
First I took my color number 1 and applied this to my crease. Next I took my second color and brushed it onto my outer crease. I always do a lighter color on my crease, then one a bit darker on my outer crease. Next I took color number three and applied it t the rest on my lid. Lastly I took this really light color and applied it just under my brow line to highlight my brows.
You can always stop there but I like to add liner. Today I went with this amazing shade of mint to match my top I wore that day. I put a thin line of this on top and bottom. A lot of people prefer to just do the top, which is fine, but I always like to do the bottom as well.That's it for the shadow! 
After that, just add mascara and you're done with the eyes! Now for the lips. I used this really cute pink butter gloss by NYX and added a coat to my lips. 
And here's the finished look! It's polished and pretty, and it can be adjusted to match any outfit!

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