Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sandsink Goodies!

Hey guys! Today I received a package from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Sandsink! They were so amazing to send me some if their fabulous products to try out and review for you guys! 
This first item is a T-shirt that I picked out, it's like a Sci-Fi collage of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings. It's one of those shirts that people always want to read and comment on. I really loved it, it's that geeky but cute kinda look that I'm actually a big fan of. 
Next are a couple of drawstring bags! These are big enough that they'll hold everything you need and have fun patterns on them!

On the drawstring bag above and the stickers below is a sneak peek of their newest design! It's an octopus grabbing the enterprise ship, which I thought was a really creative and fun design! 
Now for a surprise! For my readers only is an exclusive coupon code for 15% off any order from their Etsy store! Just enter CHROMOBEAUTY to get the discount! Click here to shop their products. I hope you guys liked this and will check out their shop sometime!

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