Sunday, September 29, 2013

September Accessory Favorites

Ah, accessories. What is an outfit without them? They're like the last piece to any outfit's puzzle. I've been going really simple with my accessories this month, but sometimes the most simple things are the most eye-catching.

To start off my third September favorites post I'm going to share my top accessory this month: Rainbow Loom bracelets. I was with my cousins a couple weeks ago who had bought the kit earlier that day and they made me one. I was so shocked at how fast they made them and how good they looked! I made a few and my cousins also made me a couple. These are a really laid back fashion statement and just by making a few you can have one to go with every outfit since you can make so many different color combinations! In the morning after I pick out my outfit I just slip a couple of these on and I'm ready to go! They always get tons of compliments and I made it myself!
Next on the list are purple sunglasses! I've been wearing these constantly this month and I absolutely love them. You don't see many people wearing purple sunglasses, it's usually black, red, or pink that you see the most. If I ever want to stand out from the crowd, these are an automatic yes. I got them from Claire's, which conveniently sells just about any color sunglasses you could ask for for only five dollars. I get a new color almost every time I go there because they're really good glasses and they're so cute!
These earrings have been perfect for this month. They're a really elegant but simple fashion statement that you can use to top off any outfit. I also really love New Orleans and every time I wear these I think of it since the fleur de lis symbol is just about everywhere there!
I love stacked rings, but with a lot of outfits it can really be too much. That's why I've really been keeping it simple with the rings this month and just wearing one most of the time. My favorite right now is this bow one because it's a really girly accent and can be worn with most anything!
And that concludes my favorite accessories for September! My final favorites post for this month will be tomorrow so keep a look out! Get sneak peeks at the post's theme and items by following me on the Finds app. Here are the links for parts one and two of my favorites, be sure to check them out!


  1. Ooh that bow ring is so cute! Are you going to do a DIY post for the bracelets? If so that would be great as I'd love to try making some myself!

    Style Vancity

    1. Thanks! And I'm not sure, I'll definitely consider the DIY post though! They're actually really simple to make, a six year old taught me, if you can believe it!