Friday, September 27, 2013

September Beauty Favorites

Hey guys! It's the 27th already- it seems like just yesterday I was writing up my back to school posts! This month has totally flown by, but not too fast for me to find some fab things for you guys! This is part one of my favorites, over the next few days I'm going to have a new favorites post, all with a different theme! Today's theme is beauty products, so lets get started!

First is my favorite nail color. I even surprised myself on this one! I usually go for more bright, neon colors but this color by O.P.I. really just caught my eye. It's called Tickle My France-y and it's more of a neutral shade. I wanted to make it my own by adding some bling on the ring finger.
Next is my favorite hair product. I've been obsessing over it since my initial review earlier on it earlier this month. It's some leave-in conditioner from B. The Product and I honestly can't get enough of it. I spray it in after I wash my hair, before and after I dry it, every morning, most afternoons, any time I have flyaways, and basically any time I do anything whatsoever to my hair. Here's a link to my initial review back a few weeks ago.
Here's one I'm really excited about sharing with you guys. My favorite eyeshadow palette this month is Love In Paris by NYX. I can create literally any look I need for any occasion with palette, whether it's dramatic or natural. I did a tutorial with this palette a little while back, here's a link to that.

Now for my favorite individual makeup product! This came in my September My Glam Bag and I have used it nonstop ever since. It's kohl liner by Starlooks and it is the definition of perfection. It gives me a defined line that never smudges. I honestly can't even put into words how much I adore this product.
That sums up my top beauty products! If you have tried any of these fab products and have a review out there somewhere, be sure to drop a comment below! And keep an eye out for my next favorites post tomorrow night and get some sneak peeks by following me on Finds!

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