Friday, September 13, 2013

September My Glam Bag!

Today I had a very exciting package come in the mail! It was my first My Glam Bag! I've been so excited about this finally coming in so I'm going to give you guys the run through of it. 

The first thing I noticed was of course the bag. It's so chic! It perfectly matches this month's theme, classic beauty. It's great for a little on-the-go makeup bag. 
First up are the hair products! I got some of the John Frieda full repair shampoo and conditioner. I've seen some raving reviews on these so I'm super pumped to try them out! Be expecting a review coming soon on these!
The rest of these are what I really live for- eye products! First is a eye color from NYX. It's called Sparkle White and it describes it to a T. It gives a beautiful natural look, but has enough sparkle to turn some heads. 
Now we have some mascara by Elizabeth Mott. This was by a long shot the best thing that I got in my bag. This mascara is amazing! It has a hourglass-shaped wand that gives you perfect lashes without clumping. 
Lastly is a kohl eyeliner pencil by Starlooks. It makes a really defined line that is easily applied and doesn't smudge easy. It would be ideal for a more dramatic look!
I have absolutely fallen in love with all of these eye products individually, but together? Gorgeous!
Hope you guys liked this! If you want to try out your own Glam Bag, sign up at!

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