Monday, September 2, 2013

Stacked Ring Inspiration

I adore Charlotte Russe jewelry. It is just so cute and I can always find something perfect there. Yesterday I picked up a couple packs of stacked rings and I love them! Today I'm going to show you some of my favorite ways of stacking these adorable rings. 
The first look is really simple, just a plain ring matched with a pearl and chain link one. It's a really classy, cute look. The second is something for a more casual occasion, without a lot of bling. It is the chain link one again with a love one and a pretty mystical looking twisted one. The next one is a pink jewel ring in between a stud ring and a pretty basic one on bottom. The fourth look has two of my favorites, the love and bow rings paired with the stud one on top. The fifth is another jewel ring with that oh-so-perfect chain one on top and a plain ring in the middle as a divider. The last one is one of my favorites also, with the plain ring on top followed by a rhinestone infinity ring, and again the chain link one. 
I hope this gave you some ring inspiration and I'd love to see some of your own ideas! Leave a link to your favorite ring look in the comments! And I also wanted to wish all of you guys a great Labor Day!

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