Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

I love Baby Lips. Ever since Maybelline first came out with them they've become an obsession. So obviously when they came out with their limited edition Dr. Rescue series, I was totally psyched. Baby Lips has always been my go-to for color and moisture, and this series is supposed to have even more advanced healing abilities. I am also very happy to say that Baby Lips has yet to fail me! These colors give a beautiful tint and keep my lips soft for hours. I always keep a tube in my purse for any touch-ups throughout the day. 
The first one is called Berry Soft and is obviously the darkest out of the three that I got. The name is extremely accurate, as I get super soft lips and a pretty berry color with every use!
The second color is called Pink Me Up. Looking at the tube the color looks super bright, almost Barbieish! But once you put it on, all this changes. You end up with a soft pink that is perfect to compliment any dramatic eye look. 
The last color is called Just Peachy. This color is a lot like Baby Lips' original shade Peach Kiss, but it's a bit more natural. This is my go-to for any look because it isn't really noticeable, which makes it perfect for those natural makeup days. This shade is by far and away my favorite!
My only complaint for this series is the balm's scent. In the past, Baby Lips have always smelled delicious, which made putting them on my favorite part! These have a stronger scent, and the it almost smells like medicine. Once it's applied I never really notice the scent, but it was just a bit of a letdown after the other Baby Lips products.
And I guess that's a wrap! Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I would totally recommend you guys to try out some of this lip balm sometime. I got mine at Ulta but I've seen them at Target and a lot of other places, so keep an eye out!

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