Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bringing Summer Back

Okay let's face it, here in Alabama it may be October but it still feels like we're in the heart of summer. Today I decided to let my outfit reflect that. This morning all I was doing was going to the grocery store and Starbucks and I didn't want take forever getting ready so I went with a really simple, easy to put together look. The TuskWear tank I got from Woods and Waters for only ten dollars! I was there yesterday and they were having a sale, so this was a great deal. I'm wearing my favorite dark denim fringed shorts from American Eagle to accent the bright orange in my shirt.
I went really simple on the accessories, just two bracelets I made with a Rainbow Loom. I picked two with orange so they would go with my tank, but still add some extra color.
To complete my look I went with a flipped out ponytail that looks gorgeous but is so simple. If you've never tried this 'do before, all you have to do is style a low pony wherever you want it to hang and make a hole just above the elastic. Take your hair and pull all of it through the hole to create that inside-out look. Pull it tight and voila! An elegant look that look just a few seconds.

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  1. Love your hair, such a cute style!