Monday, October 28, 2013

Classic Halloween Costumes Out Of Your Closet

For tonight's post I wanted to do something more Halloween associated. I took some classic Halloween items and characters and made some awesome costumes for you guys! If you like these then be sure to check out my extra costumes on Polyvore!

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of Halloween is pumpkins. They're everywhere! On the porches, made from lights, even on posters! Most pumpkin costumes are to say the least obnoxious. I wanted to take a more subtle approach on the look. I took an orange sweater and paired it with some green skinny jeans to add both of the colors pumpkins are usually associated with. Next I added an orange knit beanie which works really well with the sweater. To tie the look together are some black heeled boots. I personally don't usually wear heels so I would probably go with a lower heel than this. These worked with the other pieces to create a laid back but sassy look. 
 A vampire is a timeless costume that's been around forever. There'll always be a few people that are vampires, and for good reason! Vampire costumes are always amazing, but amazing comes with a high price tag. To get this look yourself just take a simple red dress and add a black cape, heels, and a set of fangs. Just don't forget the red lipstick! It's a must-have for any vampire look!
 Last but not least is the most classic Halloween costume there is- the witch. Almost everyone has been a witch for Halloween at some time in their life, because they appeal to everyone! There are so many different witch costumes out there with so many styles that everyone can find one that they like. For this one I went with a black halter tutu dress. The dress really captured the witch look, but managed to look really chic as well. Next you can add tights or leggings. I used purple and black striped leggings to add some color to the outfit, but you see a lot of witches with black ones too. For shoes I went with a shorter boot with a buckle. To top it off is the perfect witch hat! A witch wouldn't be caught dead without it :)
I hope you guys this Out Of Your Closet post! If you haven't, be sure to check out my other posts and follow me on Polyvore for extra looks! Have a haunting night!

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