Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Movie Characters Out Of Your Closet

Today's Out Of Your Closet post is on one of the most popular sources for costumes- Movies! There are so many amazing movies and the characters can have the most amazing costumes.

This is my favorite of all of the costumes for this category. Alice in Wonderland is easily one of my favorite movies and I have always loved the movie-themed costumes. My favorite costume from Alice in Wonderland has to be Alice herself. I was actually Alice last year, but I bought my costume. To get the classic look of Alice without buying it yourself, you will of course need the blue dress. You never see Alice without the blue dress unless she's on the battlefield, so this is a must. I went for a super girly approach to this look so I used a floral baby blue dress with a sweetheart neckline. With shoes I went very simple but cute with some white flats with bows. To finish off the look is a white headband with a bow to match the shoes.
 My next costume is Batman. I am such a Batman freak, he is by a long shot my favorite superhero. This is a look several Batman lovers may already have! This is a look for people who aren't huge on dressing up, but still wanna have some fun with costumes this Halloween. To get this look just match a Batman hoodie with some yellow skinny jeans. For shoes I took some black lace-up pumps that added some fun to the outfit. To finish the look I used some sparkly black nail polish.
 This costume is one from one of those movies that everyone has seen so many times that they can practically recite- Wizard of Oz. There are many costumes from this movie, but the one most people choose to be is Dorothy. This is a very simple look to recreate, first you need a simple blue dress. I went with a plaid one with lace on the neckline to add to the old-timey look. Add a basket and the classic red ruby slippers and you're ready to go!
This last costume can be used for so many different characters. There are countless secret agent and detective moves out there, my favorite of which being Sherlock Holmes. The base for any detective outfit is a trench coat and black skinny jeans. Next add a black fedora and wayfarer sunglasses. These shoes I absolutely adore! They're Toms wrap boots and they were absolutely perfect for this look! You can create this look for a decent price and look amazing!
That finishes up the Movie Characters Out of Your Closet post! I hope you guys enjoyed, and if you haven't already be sure to check out the rest of the Out of Your Closet series! If you want some additional looks, also follow my Polyvore! Tomorrow is the day before Halloween, so it'll be my last Out of Your Closet post! Don't miss it!

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