Friday, October 25, 2013

Princess Out Of Your Closet

Halloween is just around the corner and I am super excited! Halloween is the only day a year when you can be anything you want, no matter how crazy it is. But, as any experienced Halloween fan knows, costumes can cost a pretty penny. Over the next few days I'm going to show you some different costumes that you may even already have in your closet! Tonight's theme is the classic Disney Princess, which almost every girl is at least once in her life. They make for gorgeous costumes that everyone loves! To get sneak peeks and extra unpublished costumes, follow me on Polyvore!

The first princess look I created was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. This is a really simple look to replicate, you just need a lilac ruffled tank and a long, flowy green skirt. The skirt helps the look seem a little more mermaidish, with it flowing sort of like a tail. To add a little bit more purple to the look, I topped it off with some lilac flats to match the top. Of course you will also need a bright red wig to match Ariel's most eye-catching feature!

Next we have another classic Disney look, Cinderella! Nobody can help but adore the beauty and grace Cinderella always had. This look catches the finer parts of her appearance. First is Cinderella's traditional blue dress, but I decided to make mine strapless and have more sparkle to it to give it a more modern twist. Now for the infamous glass slipper. I used a white lace heel that is really beautiful and can be worn with so many outfits after Halloween is over! But for those of you're like me and don't really wear heels, a flat will always work for this look. To top it all off is a blue headband like the one Cinderella always wears.

The next costume is from a newer Disney movie, Princess and the Frog. Princess Tiana wore the most beautiful dresses in the movie, but my favorite has to be the one from the beginning that she wore when she kissed the frog. She wore a really pretty blue dress and gloves, making the look really princess-y. Not to mention the tiara! To finish the look she wore a pendant necklace.

To finish the princesses is my favorite one of all. Sleeping Beauty has been my favorite Princess for as long as I can remember, and I watched the movie countless times when I was younger. Aurora was the girl with the blond hair in the pink, just like me! I went with a really girly approach with this look, with a shorter baby pink dress instead of a ballgown. I also added gloves to the look since the dress is strapless. Being the princess Aurora is, of course we had to have a small, yet elegant tiara. To finish off the look I added some light pink flats with bows to give this look the ultimate girly factor.

That concludes the Disney Princess Out of Your Closet special! I'm going to have a new Out Of Your Closet Halloween post every night up until Halloween, so keep an eye out! Remember to check out the extra costumes on my Polyvore Page!

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