Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sports Out Of Your Closet

Hey guys! Tonight's Out Of Your Closet post theme is sports. I am really liking these costumes, and a lot of that is because of the simplicity! A lot of girls already have a uniform that they can wear on Halloween without spending a dime on a costume and still look great! To get some extra looks that don't make it into the Halloween posts, make sure to follow me on Polyvore!

The first costume is one of my favorites- the tennis outfit! I don't play tennis, but I might just have to take up playing just because of the outfits! All this requires is a tennis shirt, a skater skirt, tennis shoes, and a racquet. My favorite part of this look actually isn't traditional tennis wear, but it looks amazing! The tennis ball coin purse is a fun accessory that goes perfectly with the theme, and is great for going out for a Halloween party where you don't want to carry around a purse.
The next costume many of you American girls will already have in your closet. Most football fans have a jersey somewhere in their closet for their favorite team. All you need to do is add some capris and tennis shoes and you're good to go! To finish the look I added some earrings, which aren't necessary, but are always a great touch.
Next up is the softball outfit! I know a ton of girls already play softball, so this one may already be in your closet! If not, all you need is a softball shirt, some black leggings, and some cleats. Tennis shoes will always work for this costume as well. I decided to add a softball bag to mine as well, because nothing says softball like the bag!
Lastly is the referee! This technically isn't a sport, but we wouldn't have sports without our referees here to make all of the calls! A referee style shirt is always good to have in your closet, it's a stylish piece that fits many occasions. Pair it with a black skirt, a whistle, and some sneakers to finish the look! To make my costume more fun I used some knee length sneakers, which add a unique flair to the outfit.
Well, I hope you guys like these and got some Halloween inspiration! Remember, never hesitate to wear a uniform for Halloween. It's a costume that never gets old! Also make sure to check out my Princess Out Of Your Closet post as well! Be sure to watch out for my next Out Of Your Closet posts, one coming every day up until Halloween!

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