Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Villain Out Of Your Closet

To finish up my Out of Your Closet series is something really special- Villains! The villain costumes are always the best, and can top almost anyone's look!

The first costume is really amazing, and in my opinion one of the best in the Out of Your Closet series: Cruella Deville! Cruella has that spunky, crazy, even mad appearance that is always so fun to pull off! The base of this outfit is a black sleeveless maxi dress. Next you add onto that a fur floor-length coat, a pair of extra pointy red flats, and a crazy wig!
Next is honestly one of my least favorite of the Disney villains. Mother Gothel, the demanding "mother" of Rapunzel has a menacing but medieval look. To get her look, start off with a medieval dress. It needs to range from dark pink to a burgundy color so it won't stray too far from her original color. Next find some black boots. The shoes don't matter too much with this look because with a long dress they will be covered up anyway. To finish up is some burgundy lipgloss to match your dress!
Now for one of my favorite villains- Captain Hook! He was always the bad guy, but he played a pretty humorous role in Peter Pan, always messing everything up. But although he did mess up, he looked good doing it! To master his pirate look, take a red trench coat and pair it with some black skinny jeans. Now get some black boots. I went for some heeled lace-up boots, but any would work just as well. Now for his pirating accessories! Add his classic hook and pirate hat and you're ready to go!
I hope you guys loved this series as much as I did and I can't wait for next Halloween! If you want more looks, be sure to follow my Polyvore! Everyone have a great Halloween tomorrow and I'll talk to you  later!

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