Sunday, October 13, 2013

We Don't Need Accessories!

With my parents gone to the beach on their seven month late anniversary trip, my and my brother are spending the weekend with my grandparents. Earlier tonight we all went out to the mall and are dinner, which means I had to find an outfit that was perfect for the occasion, and find one I did! This outfit has been one of my favorites for the summer-fall transition period as it's so comfy and stylish. The top is by Arizona Jeans and I got it at JCPenneys for an outdoor party a few weeks ago and I've loved it! Sweaters have really been "in" for this fall and this made for a great find. I layered it with a white tank and paired it with some denim shorts and my favorite black Yellow Box flip flops. This outfit really speaks for itself, so I didn't bother with accessories. A top knot was really like the cherry on top for this look. It makes for a casual yet trendy look that can be worn anywhere!

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