Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Makeup 101: Eyes

Makeup can be an amazing thing. It turns a pretty face into a beautiful one- when it's used right. A lot of girls out there love makeup but they don't wear it right. The inspiration for this post is one of my best girl friends Aidan. About a month ago she moved a state away to Tennessee and is just getting into makeup! The Makeup 101 series is going to contain all of the tips and tricks I'm sending her way and more! In this series I'm going to be covering the three basic parts of makeup- eyes, lips, and of course the face itself. To start off this series is my favorite- the eyes. I know I'm supposed to save the best for last, but I'm super excited about this post and couldn't wait!Everyone knows that the base for all eye makeup looks is mascara. Mascara can determine, if used right, whether the look is natural or dramatic. Before you apply your mascara, some people choose to curl their lashes with an eyelash curler. I personally don't do this just because the mascara wand I use gives my lashes a pretty shape by itself, but you are totally welcome to use one. When getting the wand out, a lot of people pump the wand into the tube several times before applying it. Don't do this! It causes your mascara to dry out faster. When applying mascara, start at the very edge of your lashline and move the wand up to the tips. About a year ago I had my friend Breanna doing my makeup for me and when she was doing my mascara she had me close my eyes. I didn't know what she was doing, but I did what she told me. When she was finished it looked amazing! I asked her how she had done it so well and she said it was because I had closed my eyes when she applied it. It gives the lashes a lot of extra length by doing it while your eyes are closed. Ever since then I've done my mascara with my eye closed! Every look needs a certain amount of mascara. For a natural look, you don't need any more than 1-2 coats. For a more dramatic look, you can go up to as many as five! Once your mascara is on, one of my favorite things to do is take a spare wand and run it through my lashes. This eliminates any clumping and makes your lashes look longer and fuller! I do this every single time I wear mascara because it really just completes it.
I could go on all day about mascara, but it's time to move on to something else I love, eyeshadow! Eyeshadow is where you can really get interesting with your makeup. People really get to express their individuality with eyeshadow. There are thousands of shades of every color you can imagine, and everyone can do something different with it.
A lot of people use eyeshadow best suited to their eye color. I have dark blue eyes and I've found that navy and blacks work best on my eyes, but I don't let that limit me. I like to mix my eyeshadow up depending on what I'm wearing. Some people think that it's crazy to wear colorful eyeshadow, but if you know how to do it right, you can rock any color you please! My favorite look to do with any color is basic. I get three shades of the color, lightest to darkest. I start off with the lightest shade and put that on my lid. Then I take the second lightest shade and put that in my crease. The final step isn't mandatory, but I use it a lot. The last color which is the darkest can be applied to the outer crease to create a light smoky eye. After this I use a blending brush to blend out the colors so they aren't too dark and I don't get a line where it meets my skin. You can do this with any color, and I mean any. I've used this look with blue, purple, even green! Obviously my favorite is a navy or black look because it best suits my eye color, but I love playing around with pastels. A great finish to this look is colored eyeliner (which I'll talk about next!). A great way to make you look less tired using eyeshadow is to use white shadow at the inner corner of your eye. The most important thing to remember about eyeshadow is when it's enough. Enough is when you have a bright color up to your eyebrow and you look like an escaped clown. I know we don't always know it when we have bad makeup days, but we have them and it's always a good idea to consult someone before leaving the house. I consult my parents all the time on my makeup to make sure it isn't too extreme.Of all the amazing parts of eye makeup, eye liner is my favorite. It can give a polished, edgy, or dramatic finish to any eye look. But as great as eye liner is, it's the part that most people mess up on. It is very easy to get a line too thick for your eye with eyeliner, especially different types of liner. The easiest to use is a pencil liner. Everyone old enough to be wearing makeup has used a pencil before, so it is easier to control than other methods.
The second easiest is gel liner. You apply it by dipping a brush into the container and putting it on your eye much like the pencil, just in brush form. However it is usually better to use gel liner if you want a thick line because the brushes are usually thicker.

 Lastly is the liquid liner. Liquid liner is, in my opinion, a lot more difficult to use than the other ones. You have to have a very precise hand because every little detail is noticeable. Also it is more likely to smear when drying, along with being more difficult to apply to your lower lid. 
All of these can be used for the same looks, but particular ones are best if you're paying attention to detail. Pencil liner gives a nice line that isn't too bold. Bold is good in lots of cases, but pencil is definitely best for more casual days. Gel definitely tops the chart on boldness. It gives a harsher line that is very bold and sure to draw some eyes. Liquid liner looks very sophisticated, and is great for making wings! But when adding a wing keep it simple with a fairly small wing, don't draw it out to make sure it doesn't look trashy. Also NEVER make your line too thick, especially on the bottom lid. Making your liner too thick makes your eyes look small, which never looks good. Keep it thin on casual days, and go all out on special occasions. And by all out I mean making it a little thicker or adding a wing to it, not going all Kesha. But staying within bounds with it doesn't mean you can't have fun with it! Try different colors to match your eyeshadow! Make your look unique!That concludes the eye makeup post in my Makeup 101 series! Keep an eye out for the next post, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to drop a comment below!

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