Thursday, November 7, 2013

Makeup 101: Lips

Lips. They can be the ice cream or the cherry on top to a look depending on how your use them. Going bold or light, and using all of the different types of lip products can really make a difference in the way your look turns out.

To begin this I want to talk about shades. The different shades of your lip products play a huge role on how your look will turn out. Using a color that doesn't look good on you can ruin a beautiful look. I've seen way too many makeovers gone wrong just because of lipstick. When I first started wearing makeup, I got a book called Beauty Rules by Bobbi Brown. She is a fantastic makeup artist and I look up to her more than anyone in the business for inspiration. Even now after I've been doing my makeup for years there are still times when I consult this book. 
One of my favorite things in it is the Lipstick Shade Chart. This is Bobbi's guide to lipstick and it works every time.

Lip Color to Lipstick Color
Pale: Beige, pale pinks, and light corals
Medium: Brown-based shades of rose, mauve, and berry
Dark: Deep plum, chocolate, and red

Just because your favorite lip color isn't on the list for your lip color doesn't mean you can't ever wear it. If it's too dark for your lips, you can use it as a stain by blotting some of it off after application. Or if the color is too light, you can use it in a gloss. But if a color looks really wrong on you, you'll be able to tell.

Now for different looks. For a natural look, the best thing to do go with a tinted balm. My favorite tinted balm is Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. It is a color that can work on anybody and goes with everything. But balms can also be found in flattering shades to work with looks other than natural. They can work for a casual look in pretty shades, or work under a lipstick or gloss for moisturization. Balms are my favorite of the lip products out there because of the many things you can do with it.
Next is the gloss. Gloss also can be in many different looks. For a casual look, a lighter gloss can add a pretty shine that makes the look more polished and put together. For a more dramatic look, a gloss is perfect if paired with dramatic eye makeup!
Lipstick is the most advanced in lip products. It takes the most caution to handle and can turn out horribly if gone wrong. I'll admit, I've had some times with lipstick. One time I went out to a movie with my dad and my cousin and decided to try out the bright red lipstick. Needless to say, I didn't realize how awful it looked until after the evening was over. But if handled carefully, lipstick can be an amazing thing. For a casual look, it can be used in a medium shade to give the look some sophistication. For a dramatic look, don't go all out with the eye makeup and go dark with the lipstick! To pack some extra punch with your lipstick, try topping it off with a gloss!

Now for some dos and don'ts with lip products.

DO wear darker lipstick on a casual day. It can be a great way to mix up your style and try out something different. However, be sure to go light on the eyes on these days. Otherwise you'll look too made up for a regular day.

DON'T wear lipstick too light for you. Wearing lipstick too light can make you look really tired and worn out. Try sticking with shades no more than two shades lighter than your natural lip color. For best results with lipstick, go two shades darker than your natural color.

DO use sparkle on your lips. Shimmery gloss can be applied over lipstick for a fun, girly look.

DON'T wear a lot of eye makeup with dark lips, and vice versa. It makes it look like you're trying too hard and it never turns out looking right.

And that's it for the lips! That means only the face is left in my Makeup 101 series! If you missed my eyes post from a couple days ago, be sure to check it out! And keep your eyes peeled for the final post!

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