Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December My Glam Bag

Hey guys! This month's My Glam Bag from Ipsy was very exciting! I received some great new products that I can't wait to share with you guys!
I'm sorry, I really couldn't help but start this post off with my favorite product this month. Be a Bombshell certainly did well by this product. They call it a One Stick, which couldn't describe it better. You can use this on your lips, cheeks, and even eyes! I received this in the color Sunset, which Be a Bombshell accurately describes as "a deep coral with light shimmer". The color is gorgeous and blends amazingly into your skin tone so you come out with a beautiful, subtle color.
Next up in the Glam Bag was kind of a downer for me. They were Ardell Natural Lashes, which I would likely think were great if I wore false lashes. I've never really wanted to because mascara does what I need it to do with my lashes. The extra length doesn't really appeal to me. I actually did some research on these so I could give you guys an opinion, and reviews rave over them. They have an average 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is excellent. Reviewers say that the lashes add volume and length, are easy to use, and apply evenly. 
The next product I really liked. It was Nicka K New York nail color in Classic Taupe. It is a really sophisticated color, which is really in for this winter. It's one of those colors that looks great with everything and gives a beautiful look.
Next up in the Glam Bag is POP Beauty's Bright Up Your Life eye shadow trio. I was very happy with this. The coppery tones are great for natural looks and the small container is a perfect size to bring on the go in a purse or clutch. I really love natural brown eye shadows so this trio is perfect for me.
Lastly in the bag this month is J. Cat Beauty's Big Lip Pencil in BLP203. I've really been in need of a new red lip color so I was excited to see this one. I've recently become a big fan of lip pencils and crayons because it takes hardly any to get a full, perfect look. This color gives an amazing color that easily makes your lips become your most dominant feature.
And that wraps up my December My Glam Bag! Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you're interested in getting your own monthly Glam Bag, you can sign up at Have a great night!

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