Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm Back With Laurena Accessories!

Hey guys! Wow, it feels like forever since I last said that. Maybe because it has! The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy and I totally owe you guys an explanation. On Sunday, November 10th my parents came into my room at three in the morning and said to get up and get ready because we were leaving in an hour! I had literally no clue where I was heading until I was in the car. They told us that they had our suitcases in the back of the car and that we were going on vacation for a WEEK to Mexico! I was really psyched and had a fantastic time!
But you're probably thinking, she's been gone for FOUR WEEKS! Well, I'm getting to that. About four days after I got back from Mexico, just as I was settling back into things at home and school, I got really sick. I had a bad type of food poisoning and was extremely sick for a week. Most of the next week I spent in recovery, which wasn't much fun either. But thankfully I'm better now and ready to start posting again! 
I know by now you're tired of hearing about my life and ready for something new! Well for the last couple of days I've been waiting on a package to come in and yesterday it finally did! I've been saving my "coming back" post for today because I wanted to surprise you guys with something new. And this really is. At the end of November a new hair accessories line called Laurena Accessories launched and ChromoBeauty had the privilege of being one of the first to try out this new line! Laurena Accessories sent me one of their headbands and some hair ties to try out and review for you guys, and it's safe to say that I love them! The headband I picked out was so pretty! I got it in a faded denim color that's really in for this winter and it has gold studs. It really reflects my personality in a cool way. It's comfortable to wear and is made of quality fabric. I have nothing but good things to say about this headband!

The hair ties are really cute as well. I love hair ties, mainly because of what they do for my hair. Whenever I straighten my hair it ends up being a waste because I have gym first period (ugh, I know) and whenever I put up my hair with an elastic it leaves a crease in my perfectly straight hair. These are made from fabric so it doesn't dent your hair and looks a lot better in general, especially of you're one of those people who ALWAYS has a hair tie on their wrist. They come in several colors and I really like them. 
Laurena Accessories' main feature is their create-a-headband feature. You can go in and select everything about your headband, the size, fabric, and accessories. I personally didn't use the headband maker because I really loved this headband that was already in their regular shop. However, I did try out the headband making process and it was extremely simple. I just went in and selected everything and in less that three minutes I had my unique headband! You can try out the headband making process here
I hope you guys liked the post and I'll be posting frequently again now that I'm back on my feet after everything that's happened recently. If you try out anything from Laurena Accessories, I'd love to see it on your own blogs or just drop me an email!

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