Monday, December 16, 2013

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Everywhere I look there are signs of the holidays. Christmas is next week and if you don't have your holiday shopping finished, now's the time to get on top of it! This post is for the procrastinators out there like me who have yet to get everything bought, wrapped, and under the tree. You're sure to find something for your girlfriends in this list of great gifts! Keep in mind everything on this list is ten dollars or under!
First off are Forever 21 earrings. These are probably the easiest gift a girl can give and always excite the receiver. Forever 21 has gorgeous earrings at fantastic prices. You can stock up on some earrings and give your friend a set or use them to compliment another gift. The mustaches cost $1.80, the bows are $3.80, and the others are $5.80. These have such amazing prices yet still look fantastic!
Next up is something much needed in the cold winter months: moisturizers. Dry skin is incredibly irritating and don't even get me started on dry, cracked lips. It's so annoying and I'm always applying and reapplying my lotions and lip balms. That's why they make great gifts for this time of year! The first one is a Forever 21 travel size fruity body lotion set. It comes with four different scents and only costs $5.80! I got this for a few of my friends this year (shh, don't tell!) and I can't wait to give it to them. Next is some of my favorite lotion. It's called Love Spell by Victoria's Secret and it smells heavenly. It has a blend of cherry blossom, peach, and white jasmine that I could smell all day. the container shown above is $12. Lastly is something I hoard all year long- EOS lip balm. This stuff is my miracle worker. It's so moisturizing and they have so many scents! My favorite is the honeysuckle scented, but the peppermint is very popular this time of year. One EOS lip balm is $3.49 and well worth it.
We all have that one friend with that really unique edgy look. One of my best friends has a really cool look that is almost always accented with studded accessories. Personally, I don't really shop at "edgy" type stores. I shop at girly places, like Claire's. But are girly stores really as preppy as we think? My answer is no. Claire's has some awesome edgy pieces that I would even like for myself! You've just gotta keep searching until you've found that perfect piece. First here we've got some studded faux fingerless gloves for $9.50. These are super cute and would be a really great piece in an edgy wardrobe. Next are some pyramid-studded earrings. I personally think these look awesome. They would fit in not only with an edgy style, but also with a more modern style. Last up here is a black pyramid studded bracelet. This is a classic for an edgy wardrobe because it goes with everything and looks great!
Every girl has that side of them that loves makeup. Experimenting with makeup can be so much fun, and these gifts are perfect for the beginning makeup user to the professionals. First is the NYX Enchanted Kiss Butter Gloss lip gloss set. There's three pretty colors that go with tons of different looks for $9.99. Next is my all-time favorite makeup palette. NYX's Love in Paris tops them all. I use this palette almost daily. I can create a natural everyday look or a glamorous smoky eye. You can get this for only $10 and no makeup set is complete without it. Lastly is nail polish. Nail polish is a great beauty gift for your friend who doesn't wear makeup. This is NYX's matte nail lacquer nail polish in Baby Pink. You can get this for $5.98, and it can be excellent to accent another gift. 
Last but not least are gifts for the true fashionista. Charlotte Russe is one of the best stops for accessories you'll find. First off is their chevron infinity scarf. Infinity scarves seem to be making a great impact in the fashion world right now, and who could pass up one of these in a chevron pattern? You can give this adorable accessory for only $10. Next is something I personally really like. Charlotte Russe's woven rhinestone skinny chain belt shows a lot of personality. The rhinestones really make it pop and the pink adds a touch of girly :) You can buy this one for $7.99. Lastly is a great addition to any wardrobe. This metallic bow phone wristlet goes with anything and has an adorable bow on the front. You can get your girlfriends each one of these for $9.99.
I hope you guys liked the post and found some useful ideas! Happy gifting!

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