Saturday, January 18, 2014

January My Glam Bag

Today my first Glam Bag of the year came in! This month's bag wasn't really about experimenting and trying new colors. This month's bag really captured the feeling of starting a clean slate. New year new you, right? All of this month's products were really more about your skin and hair than anything else. 

The first product is some Épicée Purifying Exfoliant. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean, and very soft! It's recommended to be used once or twice weekly and really opens your pores and adds a radiant glow.

Next up is a deep conditioning mask by Briogeo. I've never used this brand before, or even heard of it before! Personally,I was very neutral on this product. My hair felt nice after I used this, but it wasn't really all that different from how my hair usually felt after using my regular leave-in conditioner. The shine level may have boosted a little, but not enough to make much of a difference. It's a nice product, but not something I'd ever incorporate into my regular haircare routine.
This next item is the only product that isn't for your skin or hair. It's Mica Beauty Cosmetics' tinted lip balm in the shade Natural. I personally wasn't crazy about the color because as the color name suggests, it's pretty dull. It's called tinted lip balm for a reason, right? The other side of this product would be the moisturization, which I also wasn't really pleased with. Right when I applied it, my lips felt great. But after about five minutes that was all gone and I was left with dry lips and not even a nice color. It drys more than moisturizes! Definitely the worst part about this bag.
Now for another skincare product. I've heard a lot about Proactiv's Mark Fading Pads. Proactiv has a great reputation in the world of skincare, so I had pretty high expectations for these. But honestly, these wipes didn't seem all that great. In my October Glam Bag last year I got some cleansing wipes by La Fresh what were much better, and I'd never heard of La Fresh before! These didn't do anything and irritated my skin. I had to apply lotion all over my face after I used this to stop the burning. If you're gonna try cleansing wipes, I'd recommend trying samples from several different brands before settling for one regular brand.

Lastly is some Yaby liquid foundation. This was easily my favorite part of my bag this month. I've tried countless foundations in the past and none of them have compared to this. Nobody had a shade that perfectly matched my skin tone! No matter how much blending I do, I end up with a line. This color went really well with my skin tone and concealed really well. It minimized the appearance of my pores and gave my skin an even shade. I was very pleased with this and hope to try other products by Yaby in the future!

Well that finishes up my Glam Bag for January! Not my favorite bag ever, but I discovered a few things that I will certainly use in the future. If you want to sign up to get your own monthly bag, go to Hope you guys enjoyed!

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