Sunday, January 5, 2014

Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tutorial

Marilyn Monroe left a huge mark on the world. She was a respected singer and actress, but was also known for her beauty. Nobody could pull off the bright red lips like Marilyn and look absolutely stunning. I have several friends who have admired her for years and my friend Breanna has perfected her makeup look. She demonstrated it for us today on my other beautiful friend, Erin.
First you need to do the basic face makeup, like foundation, concealer, etc. Next you need the bronzer. To get this look down you really need to apply that bronzer generously to your jawline. Marilyn had very hollow cheeks, so no look would be complete without this.
Next are your cheeks. Marilyn never really wore much blush, so we went with a subtle red cheek stain by Be a Bombshell. Apply that lightly to the apples of your cheeks.

Now for the eyes. Marilyn had gorgeous eyes but usually didn't go with a dark look. Begin by applying a shimmery white shadow to your entire lid.
Next find two very subtle purple colors for your crease.
Take color number one and fill your entire crease. Next apply color number two to your inner crease. Blend the colors together, making a shimmery, pretty look.
Marilyn doesn't wear much liner, so begin on the inner corner of your eye with a black liner and make a very thin line, getting slightly larger as you get to the outer corner of your eye. Only apply liner on your upper lid. Marilyn never wore it on the bottom.
This is what the finished shadow and liner should look like. It isn't really noticeable, but it accents the bright lips beautifully. 

I'm going to skip the lashes for the moment and go staraight to the brows. Marilyn had very thick, dark brows. Begin by brushing them and using a clear mascara. Then fill them in with a brow color slightly lighter than your natural color.

What Marilyn lacked in liner, she certainly made up for in lashes. She always had full, beautiful lashes. You could use several coats of black mascara to achieve this look, but we chose to use false lashes. I actually have never worn false lashes and a pair conveniently turned up in my Glam Bag last month! They weren't Katy Perry long, but they were very pretty and had lots of volume. Perfect for Marilyn. We used a couple coats of mascara over the falsies to ensure that they looked perfect. Also we went back and added a coat of black liquid liner to cover any lash glue.
Now for the most important part in achieving Marilyn's look: the lips. Her red lipstick inspired girls everywhere to try out the bright look, but nobody wore it like her. I started out by applying a red lip crayon. Next I used a gloss over that to set the look and add shine.

That's the completed look! I want to thank Breanna for that gorgeous tutorial and Erin for modeling it for me. Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Marilyn Monroe left a huge mark on the world. She was a respected singer ...

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