Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Week!

Hi guys! Right now we're having our own mini winter wonderland in Alabama, which doesn't happen very often. There's still snow EVERYWHERE from yesterday, so schools let out yesterday at noon and they're closed today and tomorrow! Fingers crossed for Friday! I had the flu Saturday, so I was out Monday and Tuesday as well, so it's like a week off! Since it stopped snowing today and the cold eased up a tiny bit, me and my family went for a walk in the woods behind our house. 
I wore my favorite winter jacket. Amazingly, I've never actually posted it before, which is crazy because it's my go-to jacket that I wear every day. It's a white North Face jacket that's really furry inside and out. It isn't specifically made for warmth, but on most days it keeps me pretty toasty. It's still a little light for snow so I wore a sweatshirt underneath. This jacket is perfect when the weather is in the 40-60 degree range. 
I wore this with my combat boots. I think these have gradually become my favorite pair of boots now. Combat boots have really made a fashion comeback recently and I expect them to be really big in the coming year. They're also great for walking in the snow which made them a perfect choice for today! 
Lastly is my beanie! This is from American Eagle and I love it. The colors and pattern are so cute and wintery and it keeps my ears warm in this freezing weather. 
My snow week has been a lot of sitting at home not able to go anywhere because of the icy roads, so I've had time to come up with some great post ideas for you guys. They'll be coming out in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled!

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