Thursday, January 16, 2014

Winter Hoodies

My favorite part about winter clothing is by far and away the hoodies. Hoodies are the warmest, most comfortable piece of clothing I have ever worn, so I have TONS of them in my closet. I wear one probably about twice a week. I wore this one today that I got for Christmas from American Eagle. I don't even know where to start when trying to describe American Eagle's hoodies. They are the softest, most comfortable hoodies ever. I love this one because it's a really pretty color and is great for going to school in or in my case, going to a little brother's basketball game.
 One of my favorite ways to wear my hair with a hoodie is just in a wavy ponytail. It adds to the laid-back look and is super easy to do.
I wore my Uggs with this, which I also got for Christmas. Uggs look great with anything and are so soft! They're great where you just wanna slip something on and walk out the door.

 So that's basically my go-to winter outfit! Super comfy and really cute. I don't really like the cold months, but right now it's pretty hard to imagine going back to my beloved summer clothes.

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