Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chuck Chucks Bracelet Review

Hey guys! Today Chuck Chucks sent me one of their bracelets to try out and review for you, and I think you'll all really love it!
Chuck Chucks is a really unique custom bracelet brand. You can get a leather bracelet in one of their twelve colors that sports interchangeable accessories. There are hundreds of different accessories to go on the bracelets called Chucks. You can pick Chucks from their extensive collection on their site, chuck-chucks.com, or personalize your own by sending in pictures!

I got my bracelet in black. Here are the three Chucks that I got from their online collection. My favorite is the black rose because it matches everything and is so elegant.
 Here are the Chucks I personalized. I'm a music freak that is always looking for new ways to wear my favorite bands, so I put my favorite bands' logos on Chucks! This is an amazing way to incorporate your favorite bands into your jewelry. You could even add pictures of your family and friends!
 You can arrange and rearrange your Chucks any way you want, getting a totally different look by changing out a Chuck.

 This is my favorite arrangement. It has two of my band logo Chucks along with my black rose. 
For a limited time, Chuck Chucks is also including a carrying case for every order. Also, they've given us a 50% coupon exclusively for my readers! The code is malloryb1. Just enter the code at checkout for your 50% off!
You can get one of these bracelets at chuck-chucks.com and remember to use the coupon code for 50% off of your entire purchase! I'd also like to say a big thanks for Chuck Chucks for sending me the product to review.

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