Thursday, February 6, 2014

Colored Shadow?

One of the things that I hate about most makeup advisers is how they're all the same. they say the exact same things about everyone! Where is the color? Can I hear uniqueness? Everyone has a prescribed set of about five colors that depends on your eye color. I'm not saying that these usual colors don't look nice, even I've done a post in the past on eye makeup by eye color! But is that really it? Do we have to limit our choices based on a chart? I say no. My favorite color is blue. What's to stop me from wearing it on my eyes? Nothing. I wear crazy makeup colors that most people don't even try because of what everyone says is what they have to stick to. Think about it, how often do you get compliments on your neutral browns or greys? For me, that's not very often. But when I wear something different like emerald or purple, I get loads of compliments. People like bright or different colors but are too scared to try it. I'll be honest, it isn't for people who don't believe they can do it. But when bright colors are applied right and you carry the confidence to pull it off, nothing should stand in your way. 
Now I'm not saying you need neon orange shadow up to your eyebrow. There's a right and a wrong way to do this. Here's my favorite way to pull off a bright color. This is a really simple tutorial that you can do in just a few minutes.
1. Apply a white shadow all over your lid. This makes the color stand out a bit more.
2. Pick out three shades of the color you want to use, a dark, medium, and light. I chose three shades of blue.
3. First take out your lightest shade and cover your lid.
4. Use your darkest shade in your entire crease, making sure to fill it in really well. This will look really weird when you're done, but trust me it isn't going to stay like that.
5. Now apply your medium color just like you did your dark color but only to the center half of your crease.
6. Now we're going to make that line disappear. Take a blending brush and blend it in so that it looks more natural.
7. Now it's time for eyeliner! Apply a line or colored liner to just your top line, or both top and bottom. You can also go with a natural colored liner like black and just go with the color in your shadow.
8. Lastly is your mascara. You can use colored mascara for this step, but I generally choose not to. It does give a really cool, more punk look, but it really isn't me. Figure out what works for you!
9. Admire your gorgeous, unique look and watch the compliments roll in!

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