Monday, February 17, 2014

Minecraft Creeper Bracelet Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I have a rainbow loom bracelet that brings out the inner nerd in us all. I have a Minecraft obsessed little brother who inspired me to try out this bracelet. It's made to look like a Minecraft creeper, but even if you don't play the game you're sure to love this bracelet!
Start off this bracelet by taking two black bands and hooking them from the center peg to the two outer ones. Now take one green band and stretch it from the left peg over to the right one. Do the same thing to the white band, just put it over the green one.
 Now take two black bands and hook them from the first left peg over to the second. Do this to the right side as well.
 Now do exactly what you did with the green and white bands on the second set of outer pegs, one on top of the other.
 Continue adding the black bands and then the green and white ones all the way down the loom.
 Once you reach the end, instead of hooking the left and right black bands onto the next outer peg, hook them to the final center one. Now add a cap band to that last center peg by making an infinity sign and placing it over the peg. Now it's time to take out your hook. Reach under the cap band and pull out one of the two black bands. Pull in through the cap band and loop it over to it's original peg.
Do this to the other black band as well.
 Now go to your left peg and, using your hook, pull out the white band and pull it back to the right peg. Do this to the green band as well, going from the right peg to the left. Now go back to that left peg and pull that black band forward to the next peg. Do this to both black bands.
 Continue pulling the white and green bands to the opposite pegs and the black ones forward until you reach the end of the loom.

 Now go to the end where you pulled the final black bands to the center peg. Put your hook through the bands and hook a white band to it. Pull that through the black bands and hook onto the other end. Keeping that white band on the hook, pull the bracelet off of the loom.
 Now it's time to make your extension so the bracelet will fit your wrist. Take six white bands and put them in line on the right side of the now empty loom. Remember that white band that's still connected to the hook? Take it and put it on the seventh band where the line of white bands ends. This is what will connect the rest of the bracelet to the extension. Now take your hook and pull the bottom white band through the looped top band and over to the peg behind it. Keep doing this until all of the extension bands have been pulled back. This is called a single.
Now connect a c-clip to the last extension band and pull it off of the loom. Connect the c-clip to the other end of your original bracelet and you're done! This can be worn by anyone, Minecraft player or not. If you want to give this bracelet your own flair, try mixing up the colors! Make it your own.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and there will be more bracelet tutorials to come! If you have any specific bracelet requests, be sure to drop a comment below with the bracelet you'd like to know how to do. 
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