Thursday, February 20, 2014

Moni Bijoux Jewelry

Hey guys! I have something different for you today. I received a package from Moni Bijoux with two gorgeous products in it! This brand is really cool because it has products that show off your sassy side, but it also has products that are more edgy. I'm reviewing one piece that's more girly and one that's a further toward the edgier side. 

The first piece has a more edgy feel. It's their Learher Cuff in black and it's your go-to item for making a statement. The large studs are a huge wow factor and the leather really completes the piece. They also have it in red, which you can view here.

The girly piece is their pink Fusionetric Necklace. It has a very vintage feel while combining today's geometric patterns into one unique piece. It goes with a huge variety of outfits and also comes in blue and black! Although I love the bracelet, this has to be my favorite piece that I received. Check this piece out of Moni Bijoux's website here!

Both of these products totally exceeded my expectations and I had a really great time working with Moni Bijoux! Be sure to check out their Storenvy site and give their Facebook page a thumbs up!

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