Sunday, February 2, 2014

Zippy Chain Rainbow Loom Bracelet Tutorial

Today I have a new tutorial for you guys! It's the zippy chain rainbow loom bracelet. This is a really neat looking bracelet that can be done in so many color patterns that anyone could make one that they'd love!
To start off, take your main color band and hook it from the first center peg to the first left peg. Then continue to hook those bands down that side of the loom until the end. Repeat this on the other side.
Now you're going to take another band of your main color and hook it from the center peg that you began on to the peg ahead of it. Then take two of your colored bands and hook them from the second middle peg to the ones on it's lower left and right sides. Continue down the entire loom doing this pattern. I'm doing a rainbow pattern, so I started with yellow and continued on to orange, red, pink, purple, blue, teal, and finally green.

 Now you're going to take a band of your main color and loop it around the last middle peg to make a cap. Now take your hook and reach under your cap band to get one of the other black bands. Take the band and pull it through the cap and back to it's original peg. Do this to the center, left, and right bands.
 Now on the left and right pegs, take your hook and grab the bottom band. Pull it through the top band and over to the other peg it's connected to.
 Continue pulling all of the middle, colored, and side bands through to the next peg until you reach the end of the loom.
After you've pulled through the final bands, take your hook and stick it through all of the bands on the center peg. Now take a band of your extension color and pull it through all of the black bands, connecting it to the other end with the hook. I'm going to have several colors in my extension since I'm continuing with the rainbow pattern, but you could also use black.

 Keeping the extension band connected to the hook, pull the bracelet off of the loom.

 Now that your bracelet is off of the loom, it's time to make the rest of your extension. Take six bands and put them along the right side of the loom. Now take your extension band that's connected to the bracelet and put it on the seventh peg over the teal band. Now take your hook under the band that's connected to your bracelet and hook the bottom teal band. Take it through and over the next peg. Continue doing this down the entire extension. This is also called a single.

 Now put your c-clip on the final band and pull it off of the loom.
 Connect your clip to the other end of the bracelet and you're done! You have an awesome bracelet that can be worn anywhere.


  1. OMG!! It looks great and complicated at the same time ;D

    1. That's the great part about this bracelet! It's actually a lot easier than it looks!