Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Beauty Myths: Can Your Hair Become Immune to Products?

We all know how it feels to use a shampoo or conditioner for a while and really love it, but it always seems like after a while it begins to lose the effect. Why isn't my hair as soft as it was the first time? The product hasn't changed, so the logical answer is that my hair must have, right? Wrong. After you use a shampoo or conditioner for a while, they leave a buildup of residue on your hair. The product isn't able to work it's magic on your hair like it could before because it can't penetrate the individual strands as well. Your hair hasn't developed an immunity to the product. The product is stopping itself.
You're probably thinking, "That's all great to know, but what can I do about it?" Try using a clarifying conditioner every couple of weeks to remove any residue. After trying this a few times, your shampoo and conditioner should be back to it's wonder-working self.
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