Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Favorite Hairspray

This morning I was doing my hair, and as I sealed my style with hairspray I realized something- I've never posted about my favorite hairspray. I've posted about a few in the past, but never the one that I think is superior to all of the others. I've used this hairspray for years, and it has never failed me. It's Garnier Fructis Style's anti-humidity hairspray. I use the fourth level of this hairspray, and it has always managed to set my style and erase my fly-aways. Unless I really layer it on, I never have any hard pieces of hair where it's applied. The container is slim and compact and sprays a fine mist that makes it easy to apply an even coat to all of your hair. Trust me, this hairspray is worth a try for anyone.

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