Friday, March 28, 2014

New Orleans Day 2

My dad is such a planner. He had every thing we did planned, so of course he researched the best breakfast places in New Orleans. Dante's Kitchen really earned it's reputation with their buttermilk biscuits and cheese grits.
Since we had such a late breakfast, me and dad headed to Cafe Beignet for something to hold us off until dinner. One of the main tourist attractions in New Orleans is Cafe Du Monde, a fantastic Beignet shop, but Cafe Beignet is more of a local spot. Plus there isn't a mile-long line out the door. There really isn't much difference between the biegnets. Tourists will swear by Du Monde, but Cafe Beignet is a very close second.
After Biegnets we went back to the hotel for a few hours until it was time for our two-hour New Orleans segway tour. We used City Segway Tours and had a fantastic time. I was really nervous about it because I'd never ridden a segway before, but it was a breeze! It generally takes 2-5 minutes to learn the basics, but once you've been riding for about ten minutes it becomes natural. We rode all over New Orleans, and the guide told us some of the history of the city and the differences between the types of buildings you'll see all over New Orleans. I loved it once I got the hang of it and would love to ride one again!

After the segway tour, we had just enough time to change for dinner and get to Arnaud's, the beautiful restaurant that Benjamin took Daisy to in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The inside is so beautiful, much different than the the filth of Bourbon Street that lies outside the door. I tried crawfish for the first time in their crawfish crepe and really liked it. My entree was the Veal Tournedos Chantal and my dad ordered the Crabmeat Karen. We both felt like it was a really nice restaurant, but the food wasn't worth the hype or the price.

We topped the night off with a jazz concert at Preservation Hall. Preservation Hall has a really old-school feel, and even though I'm not a huge jazz fan I loved this. There's this New Orleans feel that's always there that makes it really amazing. I think this day was my favorite out of the whole vacation.

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