Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Colors 2014

Have you started shopping for your wardrobe this spring? If you're thinking that the trends from last year are going to slide on into 2014, you've never been more wrong. Hot pink, neon orange, and royal blue are all so "last year". You need to be brought up to date on what to expect from the upcoming season, and I'm here to do it. We're kicking those hot neon colors and bringing in the pastels for this upcoming spring.
The color that I'm expecting the most from is mint. That 2013 royal blue has toned down and lightened up, turning into a pastel color that is perfect for spring. I'm also expecting a change where denim shorts are concerned. You've seen mostly the classic blue denim in the recent past, but white shorts are really making a comeback. These are a must-have for your wardrobe this spring. Lots have changed since last spring, but bows are still going strong and have become a fashion statement piece that is displayed in everything from the classic hair bow to accent necklaces.
 Next up is one of my favorite colors, lilac. This color is such a statement-maker, and it never ceases to amaze me how it can be incorporated into EVERYTHING. Whether it's trim added in with accessories or the main piece of an outfit, it'll always be a classic spring color. Like I said before, some things don't change every year, and lace is one of them. People have put lace on anything and everything since spring 2013, and the trend has carried over into this year.
 Not everyone has that soft style that tends to shine in the spring months, but that doesn't mean that they can't rock the spring colors! Try adding colors like yellow to an edgier outfit! Yellow can be a really nice, fun color, but has another side when it's incorporated into a more punk style. Try adding some studded denim or a cute clutch to make your outfit better suited to your style!
I'm so excited about spring, and my wardrobe is facing some major changes. As much as I love my sweaters and Uggs, it's time to bring out the clothes for the coming season, and I'm going to be ready! What are you loving for the upcoming spring? Send me your links or drop a comment below! All of these looks were posted to Polyvore before this post was released, so make sure to follow me at for more unpublished looks and sneak peeks!

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  1. Great outfit ideas!! I loved them all! Especially the first one since I love lilac too! Thanks for sharing!
    Maria xox