Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Dry Shampoo

I've always wanted to try dry shampoo, but I've never just went out and bought some. I try not to wash my hair every day because it just isn't good for it, so sometimes I need something extra to keep it looking clean. The other day I decided that I would just make my own! This is a really easy method to making this, and anyone can do it. It makes a small amount, which is good if you're looking to try it out and don't want to make a lot. Although this recipe doesn't make a large amount, it will still last you for a really long time. It's one of those things that you don't have to use much of to get the perfect end result. A lot of people don't like to use dry shampoo in the morning because they think it's noticeable. If you distribute it well and massage it into your hair enough, this won't happen, but even so it's best to use it at night so it has time to absorb the oil in your hair. 

Light Hair Ingredients:
3 tbsp Cornstarch
1 tbsp Baking Soda
Fragrance or Essential Oil (optional)

Dark Hair Ingredients:
3 tbsp Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp Cornstarch
Fragrance or Essential Oil (optional)

To make this, just combine all of your dry ingredients in a secure container. Make sure they're mixed well, then add your essential oil until the fragrance is as strong as you like it. I'm using Bulk Apothecary's Bombshell fragrance oil, which is made to smell like a Victoria's Secret perfume. They have Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works, and other scents in fragrance oil form, so they can be used in making a product you'd like to add a scent to. Check out their list of fragrance oils here.
This works really well, and if you guys decide to try it out, I'd love to know how it went! Drop a comment below letting me know if you liked it. Also, make sure to check out ChromoBeauty on Facebook at facebook.com/chromobeauty for post updates, unposted photos, and more!


  1. Great diy!! I have red hair in which category do you think I am into? :D I definitely wanna try this out!!
    Maria xox

    1. I'd recommend the light hair recipe. That recipe will work for all hair colors if it's applied well. The dark could potentially stain your hair since it has the cocoa powder. Let me know how you like it!