Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lucy Rose Boutique

Hey guys! Last week while I was in New Orleans I visited one of Magazine Street's many local boutiques. Every privately owned shop in New Orleans has its own unique personality, and Lucy Rose Boutique is certainly a one-of-a-kind place. Sisters Lindsay (Lucy) and Kaitlyn (Rose) started this business with their love for fashion and unique eye for New Orleans style. When they found out that the boutique Tomato on Magazine Street was closing, it was a easy decision for them to buy it and transform it into the Lucy Rose Boutique. They just opened in August, and they've already got designers swarming to sell their clothing and jewelry lines in their shop. Their clothing brands include Veronica M, Pink Stitch, Sanctuary, Lucy Paris, Aryn K, and more! They get new products in so often, so it's a new experience every time you walk in! 

I asked Kaitlyn about what makes Lucy Rose different from other stores on Magazine Street, and she said, "Everything in the store is literally hand-picked. We go to market week, and my sister and I have a really creative eye for things. It's weird, I don't read fashion magazines. I go to market week, pick things out, and then I read magazines and all of my pieces just seem to match up!"

Lucy Rose is also known for it's customer service. You aren't going to find many places that will totally dedicate themselves to helping you find the perfect outfit. They have so many different types of items that you're going to find something here that will suit your style. Jewelry is certainly their specialty, and if you're looking for that perfect piece to complete a look, you're sure to find one here. They carry jewelry from Box of Pearls, Lovely B, Haarstack Jewelry, Aqua Luna, and others!

Here's a picture of the Box of Pearls bracelet they gave me for review! I really love it, and the quality is fantastic! It goes with so many outfits and is perfect for the spring!
Make sure to check out Lucy Rose on your social media sites to see what unique items they've added recently!
Lucy Rose is also about to unveil their new website,! Be sure to look out for that in the near future!
Before we finish up, I'd like to tell you guys about a special promo code Lucy Rose is providing exclusively for my readers! The code is LR15 and guarantees 15% off your entire purchase. The code can be used in-store or when ordering online. The code will only be available until April 30th, so take advantage of this offer while you can! The Lucy Rose boutique is located at 3318 Magazine St. New Orleans, Louisiana, 70115. If you're in town, make sure to stop by!

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  1. That boutique looks so cute! Gorgeous bracelet!