Monday, May 26, 2014

Dragon Scale Rainbow Loom Tutorial

Hey guys! It's been a while since my last tutorial, so I decided to show you how to make one of my favorite rainbow loom bracelets. This is called the Dragon Scale bracelet, and today I'm going to show you have to make three variations of this bracelet. The first, and by far the most popular, is the six-peg variation.
For the six-peg version, start by putting three infinity-shaped bands in your first color on the first six pegs. Now, put two bands of your second color on the second and third pegs and the fourth and fifth pegs between the bands of your first color.
Now you're going to take your hook and pull the bands of your first color over the bands of your second color, making sure they stay twisted. Keeping the bands twisted is only important for the first set of bands. You'll be pulling over the blue bands on pegs two, three, four, and five.
Once you've pulled up the blue bands, push all of the bands down. Take three bands of your first color and place them above the other bands on the same pegs you put the first bands of that color on. These won't be in an infinity shape. Now you're going to use your hook to pull all of the bands underneath that layer up and over the new bands. You're going to do the same thing for your second band color, putting two of them on the same pegs as you originally did and pulling the bands underneath the new ones over.
You're going to continue this pattern, putting a layer of blue and pulling the ones below over and a layer of white and pulling the bottom ones over until your bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist. It's time to take the two outer bands and use your hook to pull them over to the bands next to it. You'll take the band on the first peg and move it to the second and move the sixth band to the fifth peg. There should now only be four pegs with bands on them. Now take the band from the third peg and move it over to the fourth peg. There should now only be three pegs with bands.
Add a c-clip to each of the three sets of bands and remove the bracelet from the loom. Connect the other end of each clip to one of the bands on the other end of the bracelet to connect both ends, and you're finished!
The other two bracelets don't really need a full tutorial. It's exactly the same idea, but you're going to use a different number of pegs. For the simplest of the three, the four-pin, just take two bands and connect the first one to the first and second pegs and the second band to the third and fourth pegs, both of the bands in infinity shapes. Take a band of your second color and place that in an infinity shape across pegs two and three. Now you're going to do exactly what you did with the six-peg bracelet, pulling the bands of the first color on pegs two and three over the bands of the second color, pushing the bands down, and adding more layers of bands until you reach your desired length. Connect both sides with c-clips, and you're finished.
For the ten-peg, you'll just put your main color bands on the first ten pegs in an infinity shape and the bands of your second color between your main color bands, also in infinity shapes. I did mine in a solid color, so I didn't have to alternate colors. You'll do exactly what you did before, adding layers and pulling all of the bands underneath it over until you've reached your desired length, at which point you'll connect your c-clips to both ends. 
I personally like the ten-peg bracelet best, but the most popular option is definitely the six-peg. All of these bracelets are equally easy to do, but they all require different lengths of time to do. 
If you decide to try out one of these bracelets, have any questions, or have another bracelet you'd like to see a tutorial on, make sure to drop a comment below! Be sure to check out ChromoBeauty's Facebook page for updates on my next posts!


  1. Amazing diy!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Maria xox

  2. i cant frigging figure this out! could you add some trouble tips? my braclet isnt forming!