Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Handcuff Bracelet

Hey guys! I've had one piece of jewelry that's been popping up constantly in my daily outfits, and it's about time I posted on it. It's a silver handcuff bracelet, and it has been perfect for me recently. School is almost out, and I've been in a really laid-back mood for the past while, so this is a really simple piece of jewelry that expresses my personality and goes with a lot. It's lightweight, which I love. Heavy bracelets are cute, but they're just a hassle, and, depending on whether they dangle or not, can make a lot of distracting noise. Definitely my favorite piece of jewelry right now.

I got this for my birthday, so I'm not positive where it was from, but I've found a few on Etsy that look practically identical (and one in gold!). 
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