Sunday, May 18, 2014

May My Glam Bag

Hey guys! A few days ago my May Glam Bag came in. This bag is called Fresh Picks and was all about getting a fresh new outlook on your appearance for summer.
The first product is some Avene Thermal Spring Water. Honestly, I was very confused when I pulled this out of my bag. I was thinking, "Why is Ipsy sending me water?" Well, I looked it up and it was actually a type of skin soother. People use it after shaving, sun exposure, even exercise. Some people like this kind of stuff, but I personally don't need a product that has an ingredient list that consists of just water. I can get that any day.
Next up is Calvin Klein's Endless Euphoria Fragrance. They sent me a 0.1 oz. bottle of this to try out, and it smells fantastic. It has a light scent that isn't too strong, but it doesn't take much to obtain a nice scent. It makes for an excellent everyday perfume, and I think it may even replace the one I'm using regularly now! Definitely going to buy this again in the future.
The next item I received is Jersey Shore Sun's Sans Tan Anti-Aging Sunscreen. I really don't need sunscreen or even want it. I'm not really the person to be reviewing this since the only sunscreen I'll ever wear is the spray stuff and I don't burn easily. I can't stand the thick white sunscreen that looks cakey unless you rub nearly all of it off. My mom has really sensitive skin, so I gave it to her as a small sunscreen for her purse.
Next up is Pacifica's Mineral Eye Duo in Moonbeam and Unicorn (love the shadow names). Ipsy sent me a lotion from Pacifica a while back that has since then become my go-to lotion, so I was excited to get another product by them. The shadows provide subtle colors that aren't too bold but provide a nice hint of color for a fresh look. My only complaint would be the container. It was so flimsy, and the lid fell off the first time I opened it.
The last product I received this month is Eva NYC's Therapy Session Hair Mask. I tried this product out in place of my regular conditioner and didn't see much of a difference. My hair had a nice shine and felt soft, but it wasn't anything special. I did really love the smell though; it was like a vanilla coconut scent.
That concludes my May Glam Bag! There were some highs and lows in this bag, but overall I liked it. Check out ChromoBeauty on Facebook so you won't miss my next Ipsy review at

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