Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Real Techniques Starter Kit

Hey guys! Today is a post on something that changes the world of eye makeup: brushes. I understand that everyone has that favorite eyeshadow brush, but to accomplish multiple different looks, you need multiple brushes. Today I'm going to give you a look at my favorite eye brush set, the Real Techniques Starter Kit. 
I know what you're thinking, "Is she really showing us a starter kit?" The answer would be no. This brush set can be used whether you're just beginning to play around with different looks or are already a pro.
The first brush is the one everyone starts out with the first time you touch eyeshadow. It's called the base shadow brush, and you can use this if you're just applying one color to your lid or applying a white base color under your other shadow. I also use this after I apply my crease shadow on the rest of my lid. It can be used before or after your crease shadow, but I prefer using it afterwards so I can blend it with the crease shadow better.
Next is the deluxe crease brush. This is the holy grail of all crease brushes. It gives you a full crease shadowing without making it too dark since it's a wider brush. I like using this on my crease in general, but not defining the crease as you will see in the next brush.
This is called the accent brush. It has a very long, narrow tip for making defined lines. I love using this to define my outer crease with a darker color that my original crease color to add definition to my eyes.
Next is the pixel-point eyeliner brush. I use this whenever I want to use shadow as liner (post on that here using this brush). I also go over my pencil liner sometimes with shadow in the same color to soften the line a bit. I sometimes use this to apply white shadow in the inner corners of my eyes when I look a bit tired to liven up my eyes.
Lastly is a brush I honestly don't use. It's the brow brush, which is used to fill in your brows. I don't usually need this since I have naturally full brows, but I've tried it out and it work's just as nicely as the other brushes in this set.
Another plus to this set is that it comes with a carrying case that they all fit into really easily. It makes it easier to keep them organized, together, and ready to go when you need them.

If you'd like to take another look at these brushes, they sell for $17.99 at Ulta. That's it for today's post, and if you'd like to get my next post sent straight to your Facebook newsfeed, make sure and like ChromoBeauty at!

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