Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June My Glam Bag

Hey guys! A few weeks ago, I received my June My Glam Bag, and since things have been a bit busy lately, I'm just getting around to reviewing it. This bag was called Pretty In Paradise, and it included everything you'd need to look like you'd just ended a day at the beach.
The first product was the Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. Beach sprays are really great options for summer when you don't really feel like drying your hair and have time to air dry it. I actually didn't have time to air dry when I used this, so I used it while blow drying. I just scrunched while I dried, and I got a nice wave. Nothing spectacular or anything, but it did have a wave to it. My favorite beach spray, Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray, still ranks as my favorite beach spray, but this one also works well.
Next is Be A Bombshell's Lash Out Mascara. This wasn't my favorite item in this bag. It worked well, as most mascaras do, but it really wasn't anything great. The wand wasn't a very good shape and was bad for application, and the formula wasn't the best either. I've got to say, a bit of a downer in this bag, especially since I generally love Be A Bombshell and was looking forward to trying this product.
Next is some NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Eclair, and I was excited to try this because I already have a love for these glosses and couldn't wait to try another shade! I was certainly not disappointed in the summery color, and the gloss works flawlessly, lasting a long time. Big success in this bag.
Next is Essence of Beauty's Fine Fragrance Mist in the scent Forever Paris. This fragrance was created to bring to life Robert Doisneau's famous photo of a kissing couple, and it does that so well. Featuring hints of caccis, Parisian roses, French vanilla, and amber, this scent completely embodies the essence of the photo.
Le Baiser de l'hotel de ville (Kiss by the Hotel de Ville)
Lastly in this bag was Jessie's Girl Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. My favorite part of this liner was by far the applicator. It's made in calligraphy-style and allows  you to create lines as small as one millimeter. It is by far the easiest liquid liner applicator I've ever used, and the liner itself it fantastic, also. The jet-black color gives a very defined line that can be changed up to fit any occasion. I already loved this brand, and now I love it even more!
I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you're interested in getting your Glam Bag for $10 a month, make sure to sign up at!

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