Friday, June 27, 2014

Makeup Fails- It's Not Just You!

Hey guys! Today's post is a look into some of the more serious makeup mistakes you can make, and it isn't just you who's making them. From Miley Cyrus to Avril Lavigne, these mistakes are EVERYWHERE. The more mistakes you make, the better you'll get at applying makeup, but lets look at these mistakes so you won't have to face the humiliation of making them yourself!

First off is world-renowned pop star, Avril Lavigne. Avril has a beautiful face and perfect makeup-usually. In my post on brightly colored eyeshadow earlier this year, I emphasized on using your eye makeup to express your personality by adding some fun colors. If this eye makeup is your personality, I think you should probably see someone about it. She's breaking three major rules here:
  1. When you're wearing colored eyeshadow, make it as subtle as possible, but make sure it's still visible. Too much colored shadow comes off as looking like a clown.
  2. Wear makeup for your skin tone. Avril has really pretty fair skin, and there is a fine line between contrast and clashing. That lipstick goes way beyond that line.
  3. One of the biggest fashion no-no's in the book is to never wear dramatic makeup in more than one place. A smokey eye should be paired with a subtle lip, and vice versa. Mixing the two comes off as trying too hard, which is never a good thing. 

Here is Eva Longoria. You'd think that some makeup no-no's are unspoken, but I think it's time to bring this one to light. Too much under-eye concealer is a very common mistake, just not usually to this level. She honestly looks like she took a white paintbrush and ran it beneath her eyes. Under-eye concealer is always supposed to blend with your skintone to make your dark circles blend in. This definitely covers those circles up, I'll give her that.
 Next up is Miley Cyrus. At a glance, you wouldn't notice anything seriously wrong with this photo... Until you see the bottom of her face. The overdone white powder on the low forehead and jawlines is so underblended, it looks like a child did her makeup. If she was looking for publicity, she sure got it... But I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended to go over like this. Pretty eyes can only do so much, Miley.
In this photo, Holland Roden shows us the importance of finding makeup that matches your skin tone, not your outfit. Teal and white are always good color combinations- until it turns into this. This unnatural facial makeup has her looking more ghostly that human, blending into the background. This breaks two other major makeup rules:
  1. Never wear facial makeup lighter than your natural skintone. It makes you look pasty, and in cases like this, downright ghostly!
  2. Bright red lipstick isn't for everyone. There's a bold lip color out there for everyone, but it isn't always that firetruck red. The rule I've always lived by with lipstick comes from Bobbi Brown's book Beauty Rules: "I have found that lipstick colors one or two shades darker than your natural lip color are the most flattering. They are also mistake proof (no chalky red lips or goopy white gloss here)." These rules make your lips look so much better than wearing awkward colors that just don't look right, and they also make the rest of your face stand out rather than hide behind your bold lips.

Lastly, Taylor Momsen shows us an error that is probably the most common among teens and young adults today. Here she is wearing eyeliner that is pretty horrendous, and completely unflattering. Wearing too much eyeliner can completely counter your concealer, making your eyes look dark and exhausted. To be frank, she looks like she's suffering from a hangover. Nobody wants to look like that. Wearing undereye liner isn't a bad, thing, it's too much of it that is a bad thing. Undereye liner is what makes you look tired, and applying too much is a serious mistake. Too much makeup on your upper lid just makes you look clownish. It isn't attractive, and you're the only one that thinks it does.
There are two types of people that may have just read this: Those that can't believe these rules shouldn't even have to be there and those who break them themselves. Take mine and every experienced makeup artist's advice: these are really important when applying makeup. Dark makeup is okay, just not applied like this. You have to find what looks good on you, and foundation that is too light or eyeliner that is too thick will not look good, no matter what you do.

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